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I grew up having high respect for our national hero, a hero who’s not afraid to die, and a hero that has high respect towards his God. Jose P. Rizal a hero like superman.


There came Bayaning third world. It featured not only the strengths of Rizal but his grave weaknesses. Every infamous controversy that governed not only of his life but also of his death was also found in the movie. A movie which was a bit of comedic almost caused the respect I gained for our national hero.


Towards the end of the movie the questions I had in my head were finally answered. Actually I realized that there is no need to answer if Rizal wrote and signed the document or not. Whether he signed it or not he is still the person who wrote the novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. He is still the person whose life’s mission is to liberate his country and countrymen from unfair practices of the Spaniards. If he did denounce his faith or not it was not because he didn’t love his God but because of how the Spaniards used the name of our almighty father to hold his people in their necks.


At the end of the movie I did change my perception for Dr. Jose Rizal. I knew that he is not like superman who is used to look at death face to face but a true human being that has fear and can easily be hurt and not free from controversies by his enemies. I gained much respect for him because I knew even on his death the Spaniards were still trying to stain his name. Catholic, Protestant, or Atheist He is still a Filipino who believes in freedom and liberation of his countrymen.


Constant Change

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There are only two things constant in the world and that is paying taxes and changes itself. We have been dealing with changes for our entire stay in this material world and we have no way but to deal with these changes.

Change is a basic element of life which makes it interesting. We could not be able to grow as individuals if no change will occur, if no problems will arise or no heart ache will transpire. We have to deal with changes every step of the way.

There are some who could not face these changes, who easily give up and never fight their battles. These people are cowards, they let their fear cover all the possibilities of growth. They allow themselves to be locked up in the four corners of their room, but we could not blame this people there are times that we allow ourselves to be locked up in a box. Fortunately this box can easily be broken if we just allow ourselves to accept changes and face fear.

No one can avoid change so better face it and learn to go with the flow of life.

The Dangers in Venturing in a Restaurant Business

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Most people think that the restaurant venture is a fast growing business because of the idea that every person eats three times a day. Although it is true the restaurant business is fast growing industry it also has a fast decline due to the following factors.

  • Restaurant business is an attractive industry

Due to the notion that there is fast growth in the restaurant industry people would tend to venture in it which means that there is high risk in competition. Competition would mean that the market share for each business would be limited.

  • Barriers to entry.

In the present the local government of any country is encouraging entrepreneurship in order to generate jobs which means new investors in the restaurant industry will have easy access which means that this would again create a stiff competition

  • People always look for something new

People are very adventurous when it comes to food so they tend to go to restaurants that are new to the industry. They are willing to try new restaurant to find a restaurant that would best suit their taste.

  • People easily become weary

When it comes to food business one must introduce something new to the menu or to the ambiance of the place in order compete with the new entrants and even compete with does that are already established. An example of this is McDonald’s which already part of the fast food industry for a long time wherein one of the factors that lead them to success is by introducing new products in their menu.

Although it is dangerous to be in the food business but when you can define your market and have a competitive advantage against other companies the restaurant industry would be rewarding

whats all the fuss about “cocks”?

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Now a days everybody both young and old are looking for “cocks”, specifically saying looking for shuttlecocks….

Badminton’s popularity is going off the scale! It looks like everybody plays the game! Is it because badminton is the new sport of the generation? I don’t know but all I can say is “I Love this game!”

The game is starting to fly high or should I say having it share of popularity with other sports, but the question is why?

It is not as physical as basketball, nor as many players as soccer, it is not even as sophisticated as golf but why?

I don’t know why others are getting hooked! All I know is unlike other sports it is fun and easy to learn. One needs not to attend clinics to learn, they just have to be patient as well as practice. One could meet new friends, socialize and even make friends with you’re enemy. It is also a venue to develop teamwork or even jus individual skills.

Badmintons fast increasing popularity may be because of the game play, it is a lot easier compared to other sports and is less expensive. The number of players is also a factor because people could play with limited players.

Its fun and exciting so why not join in.


When do men become weak???

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The male gender is always viewed to have a strong personality. We are expected to be strong and to hold our tears in times of crises. We have to maintain what we call the masculine image in order to be viewed as a “real man”.

Unfortunately this is not always true, there are times that we are very vulnerable, that our weakness shows and are tears fall. This time occurs when a man falls deeply in love, his sensitive side will be pulled out from nowhere, and all his weaknesses will show. Yes a man’s greatest weakness is a woman that will turn his world upside down. When a man falls in love he is willing to give up everything to make the girl of his dreams be part of his life. He becomes weak because he gives up his own happiness just to make that person smile and is willing to shed tears just to make that girl laugh. This are the moments in a man’s life that teardrops are pretty much welcome.

This may not be true in all cases but I can testify that in most cases it is, that a man is most vulnerable when he is in love…

Subliminal Messages

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Subliminal messages are messages that are undetected by our senses but are said to be detected by the subconscious mind. It remains hidden in advertisements, movies and even music. These messages are said to appear without anyone noticing but have an effect to consumers in which their attention is caught by the product and would resort to an interest in purchasing the said product or service.

It is said that human beings are sexual in nature and through this our subconscious mind is stimulated to make the consumer buy or patronize a product or service. This is said to be widely used in many advertisements and even in the movies but there is no proof that this messages are really intended to be there or just a coincidence. There is also no research proving the effectively of these messages to consumers but as of existence, here are some samples that you could check out.




You be the judge….


Copy and Paste mentality, Entrepreneurship in the Philippines…

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Entrepreneurship in the Philippines is commonly known as “Pagnenegosyo”. But what makes Entrepreneurship in our country different from other countries around the world?

In the latest understanding of Entrepreneurship, Innovation already became synonymous to entrepreneurship. It is said that in order to be successful in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation is the key. But in the Philippines it is a different story. It is imitation rather than innovation which would define an entrepreneur’s success, I call these the copy and Paste mentality which what I think is only present in the Filipino Culture. But what is this mentality?

In the Philippines if you have a business and people will view it successful it wouldn’t be surprising if you find another business of the same nature will be situated beside you in just a matter of weeks. This has always an object of jokes in the country that if you put up a small store and you are making profit a few stores would pop up like mushrooms a few meters form you which would eventually close down due to intense competition.

This is not true to small and micro enterprises in the Philippines but also with medium enterprises. Let me site out an example there was a time that the pearl shake became famous in the country and several stores as well as franchises suddenly existed out of nowhere which resulted to price wars and intense competition which made drove the smaller business and even some of the medium enterprises out of business.

Why is these said that it defines an entrepreneurship success if it puts a few entrepreneurs out of business? This is because one would only know that his/her business is becoming popular by the sudden increase in competition. It defines an entrepreneurs success because one would need to survive this competition which again innovation would take its lead role, but because of the copy paste mentality some entrepreneurs would rather play it safe than to venture in a new innovation.

This mentality of the Filipino’s or to put it generally of entrepreneurs should be corrected in order to make their own mark in the industry or even in their respective country.